Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Korea/South Korea Part 2

Well clearly things appear to be getting more heated between these two, and to make matters worse the US is planning a training exercise for this Sunday in the Yellow Sea. If you ask me, the US just needs to stay the fuck out of this, we have enough problems with the Middle East and our fucked economy. But of course you know and I know this isn't going to happen. We can't resist poking our nose where it doesn't belong. Unless things calm down soon I think we are looking at another war and we all know that China isn't going to do anything about dear leader Kimmy going off the handle and blowing stuff up. I've read that some people think that if anything is going to happen it's going to be if and when Best Korea's uranium enrichment facility gets bombed, which should happen anyway because Best Korea is literally bat shit insane; and who wants the insane having nukes. I mean, that's like giving me the power over a nuke. I would use one just for the lulz. I'd blow up Russia. This training exercise is like asking for something to happen. I'm sure that our leaders are thinking, "Nothing will happen, we're the US. They would be crazy to attack us while we are training." Yeah, I'm sure they won't do anything. You know they didn't just attack the South and all. No, they are a civil people. It's almost like the US wants something to happen to us so we can go in there and fuck them up. Just watch, something will happen and then the US will get involved and then suddenly China will come to dear leader’s aid and we will have a huge war on our hands. Still, I say hope for the best, plan for the worst, and the worst case here is we end up going to war again with Korea.


  1. Well, it will certainly be interesting to see what happens here. The North Koreans have to keep some war-like situation up, it is their only way to avoid a revolution "the shortage of food and whatever is because the army needs it! or we'll get invaded"

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