Friday, December 3, 2010

Wikileaks: His name was Julian Assange

Alright, let me start by saying that Ii was unable to read all of the leaks, but I did skim through a good portion of them before writing this. In my opinion, this guy is a hero. He did what few people these days could and got info on what our government has been up to. Now our government hates him for it and is hunting him down. It is quite clear to me that everyone is using him as a scapegoat because clearly the people he got his info from are most likely high up in the US government, but it's clear that it's easier to prosecute the guy that is giving the public what they want and a little see through on what our government has been doing with other governments. It's like some people are saying "he's the god damn batman" this guy really is. I'm glad he did what he did and it goes to show how mad the US government is now since they are hunting him down. The amount of butthurt is just amazing. Instead of using the internet guy as a scapegoat, why don't you do something about the leaks in your government instead? You think taking a website offline will stop the spread of information? You couldn't be more wrong. Seriously, do you think we are all new to the internet and that we don't know how to copy and paste? Just because they are trying their damndest to take this site offline shows how mad they are. This manhunt is nothing but a big farce to take the public’s eye off of the people that leaked the documents. The best part is that some of the leaked docs came from Obama’s administration. Lol, butthurt much American government? On the flip side, this guy is also human and has made some mistakes, if you've been keeping up he's wanted for a sex crime in Sweden. But this still doesn't change the fact that this guy is being censored. At one point Sweden actually dropped the charges against them, but now they want to bring them back up, coincidentally right after Wikileaks started releasing information. Like I said, this hunt is a farce by the government because they don't like the fact that he is showing a little bit of the truth about the US government. I must say though, leaking stuff about spies is not the way to win the people’s support. If there is one thing that we don't want to see it's the death of others. Well some do, but the majority of us don't.

P.S. My pic is lulzy I know but this guy isn't the real hero. Whoever leaked all the info to him, those people are the people we should be thanking