Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Best Korea/South Korea incident

Well, what can I say. If I may quote someone who was talking about how China won't back North Korea if they don't knock this shit off, "China won’t do shit because they rely on US gluttony for their economy, and besides, they're almost bro tier status with the US as it is. Everyone knows Best Korea is bat shit insane, so even if something goes down, the world will just be like, ‘gtfo North Korea, nobody likes you.’" –anon

This is true even though we see a lot of trade between China and North Korea. China really isn't going to do much if NK is going off the handle all the time and just blowing shit up for the lulz. Let’s be happy that only two people died. The rest of the world is most likely willing to forgive (we will call it Best Korea for the remainder of this article) Best Korea for pulling this shit, although I have to say if I was in charge of South Korea I would be like: "Oh you did not just pull that shit, ATTACK!" but that’s me and not South Korea who was just like: “Well, if you do it again, you're going to see some shit.” But the question comes up: If the US had to get involved what would happen? Would China try and pull something? Would Russia try and pull something? Would the US go belly up because we can't afford shit right now? if I was Best Korea I would be planning an attack right now because we are in the middle of a war with the middle east and very vulnerable economy wise. If you want to crush your foe, attack when he is weakest and right now we are pretty weak. Who knows maybe this was just a test that they knew they would be able to get away with and it's just a precursor to something much larger. Either way, only time will tell.

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